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Never Alone

My life has been full of challenges, including raising my daughter as a single mom. I came from a troubled family, so perhaps I considered it normal to get into a stormy relationship. I lived with my daughter’s father for several years. I considered myself his wife, but- as time went on- I found myself feeling alone.

Almost three years into our relationship, I became pregnant. I suppose the easy way out would have been to have abortion. But, something inside my heart wanted to be a mommy. I listened to the voice in my heart and that gave me the courage to have my baby, even when my daughter’s father and I broke up, and life became very challenging.

Despite being a single mom, motherhood was so special. My baby was such a dear blessing to me, like an angel by my side. No matter what we were always provided for and never lacked anything. I was never alone. God always put wonderful people in our lives.

Through motherhood, I have been able to see many miracles. Through my daughter, I now have four beautiful grandchildren! If it wasn’t for the gift of motherhood, I would not have experienced the joy of watching my daughter grow up! I now watch her give back to the community with all of her gifts and talents. Watching her with her family brings me so much joy! I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to give the gift of life to pass on to my daughter and grandchildren. It is one reason I volunteer at the Life Centers here in Orange County.

-Rita Delgado

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