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Why I volunteer at the Life Center

In my early 20s I met the man I thought I would marry.  Was I mistaken!

He left me with nothing but bad memories, having been treated with disdain and no respect.  Hold it, he left me something, a most beautiful baby girl that I cherish. She is now grown and on her own! It was not easy to take care of her all by myself, but I love her and managed although I had no child support.

Having to work hard is tough but being treated by others without respect is worse--it gnaws on you. In circles that I felt the people should know better I was judged for being a single Mom. I felt I was looked down on and not given acknowledgement for trying my best.

How wonderful to finally meet and marry a man who cared. He respected me for my sake and helped me raise my daughter and later our second child. I was respected and accepted, not only by my husband but also by others as well.  Why? It was the same me!

When I heard from a friend about a Pregnancy Counseling Center that cares for women with an unplanned pregnancy I wanted to join. I wanted to give acknowledgement to these mothers that they are good mothers. I wanted to give comfort to these moms who care for their children the best they can, not preaching down to them but encouraging them in their struggle. I wanted to let them know it would not be easy but it could and can be done.

Hold up your head! Enjoy your gift that you received. Maybe your gift did not come in a fancy wrapped gift box with a bow on top, but a gift you can hold and embrace, squeeze really hard, almost like,  ‘I love it to pieces’…a gift that keeps on giving. No judging here! Just love and concern!

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