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Afraid To Tell My Parents
tags: abortion, unplanned pregnancy, telling parents

When I went to the center, I went alone.  My boyfriend felt overwhelmed, and I felt I could think more clearly myself. He thought I was going to set appt. for abortion, and all he wanted was to know when and where at this point.  So with a pain in my heart I went to Life Center.  I talked until I could talk no more. The counselor listened and guided me to seeing things in a different way.  The most important thing was she asked me what I thought was happening to me, and did I feel any connection to the child within. It was at that point I really thought about the baby as real. I saw fetal models, discussed the choices I  had.  I left the office with another appointment set for a week later. I was told to call anytime since I could reach someone 24 hrs. a day 7days a week,  I did in fact call and talked to my counselor. I was so afraid to tell my parents and break their heart. She told me that it was probable that they would be very upset, gave no false promises, but encouraged me to tell them that she was getting help. They were welcome to come to discuss their feelings and fears.