Volunteer Ultrasound Models

($30 Baby gift Layette given for 30-40 minutes of your time)

Women 6-20 weeks pregnant are invited to participate as volunteer models for free ultrasounds, April 30th through May 8th (including Saturday) as part of La Habra Life Center’s Pregnancy Clinic nurse training sessions.

The limited obstetrical ultrasound performed is for training purposes only.  The ultrasound is not for the purpose of diagnosing or detecting any medical problem or condition of the mother or the baby, but rather a unique opportunity to help your local medical professionals, under the supervision of a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in their mission as well as a wonderful opportunity for parents to take home cherished photos of their baby in utero and a baby gift layette.

Please sign up for one, 40-minute time slot. If you are willing to be a volunteer ultrasound model, but need child care during the 40 minute appointment, we can schedule a child enrichment volunteer to be in clinic. This service is only available on certain days, so please call the clinic at (562) 691-9395 for more information and to book.