Adoption…is a Loving Option

If you are pregnant, you might ask yourself these questions:

“I don’t want an abortion but am I ready to be a parent?”

“I am not certain about my current relationship. How can I provide for my child as she or he deserves?”

It is your decision. Carrying your baby to term and releasing your child to loving, adoptive parents is one of the most generous options!! Yes, it takes a lot of courage, but there are many potential adoptive parents who long for a child.


Types of Adoptions:

Open Adoption:
The birth mother has the option to select and meet the adoptive parents. Together they decide the openness of their relationship after the birth of the baby.

Traditional Adoption or Closed Adoption:
Closed adoptions preserve the identity and confidentiality of the birth parents and the adoptive parents.

At the Life Centers we do not facilitate adoptions, but we do have the resources to refer you to trustworthy organizations. Ask us for a list of legal adoption agencies.