Top 3 Financial Resources for Pregnancy

How can I afford a baby? Are there emergency financial resources for pregnancy? After staring at a positive pregnancy test, you probably want to sob like a damsel in distress in fairy tales. You may be considering an abortion to … Continued

4 More Financial Resources For Pregnant Women

4 More Financial Resources for Pregnant Women 4 More Financial Resources for Pregnant Women 4 More Financial Resources forPregnant WomenFor women facing unplanned pregnancies, the costs of having and raising a child can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered four … Continued

Pregnancy Week By Week

Development of the Baby From Fertilization to Birth:   Day 1:  Fertilization: all human chromosomes are present; A unique human life begins … a girl or a boy! Day 6: Embryo begins implantation in the uterus. Day 22: Heart begins to beat with the child’s … Continued

Post Abortion Healing

Following an abortion, women may experience initial relief. They feel their crisis is over and life seems to return to normal. However, this is not always the case. Months and even years later, women may experience significant problems. They might feel loneliness, shame, … Continued

Are you planning on Parenting?

Do you want to take care of your baby? Today there are many resources available to help a mother: Free, confidential counseling Referrals to pre-natal care and medical assistance Maternity homes Maternity clothes Baby clothes, supplies and equipment. Parenting classes: We … Continued

Adoption…is a Loving Option

If you are pregnant, you might ask yourself these questions: “I don’t want an abortion but am I ready to be a parent?” “I am not certain about my current relationship. How can I provide for my child as she … Continued

Birth Control and Plan B

Life Centers provide clients with information on the most common forms of Birth Control in order to help them make informed decisions. There are three kinds of Birth Control: Barrier methods Hormonal Birth Control Natural Family Planning Barrier Methods Barrier … Continued

Abortion Information

Are you considering an abortion? Do you feel pressured to get an abortion? Take your time! Inform yourself and make the right decision for your life! Most common Types of Abortions; Surgical abortion, performed in Clinics Dilation and Suction Curettage … Continued

Wonder If You Might Be Pregnant?

There are numerous symptoms you may experience. Missed Period, Spotting, Cramping A missed period is the most common sign of pregnancy that people notice.  However some women may not completely miss their next period, but may experience spotting and/or cramping … Continued