Wonder If You Might Be Pregnant?

There are numerous symptoms you may experience.

Missed Period, Spotting, Cramping
A missed period is the most common sign of pregnancy that people notice.  However some women may not completely miss their next period, but may experience spotting and/or cramping at that time.  This could happen because the embryo is attaching (implanting) in the uterus.  If bleeding continues beyond the sixth or seventh week, contact your doctor.

Morning Sickness
Nausea and/or vomiting are experienced by many women in the early weeks of pregnancy.  It can be at any time of day, not just in the morning.  Very seldom is this serious enough to require medical attention.

Tender or Sensitive Breasts
Because your body has a significant increase in hormones, your breasts may become tender or sore.

Unusual Fatigue and Irritableness
The extra hormones during pregnancy frequently cause you to be more tired than usual.  You might also experience mood swings and become easily irritable.

Frequent Urination
Another effect of the increased hormones is frequent urination. Many women experience this as a very early sign of pregnancy.

‘Pickles and Ice Cream’
You may discover that your tastes in food change considerably, and you may experience unusual cravings because of the increase in hormones in your body.

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